Energy Monitoring Solutions

Giving you control

We can install on-site monitoring at your business, giving tremendous benefits:

Having an energy management system installed can really make a difference to your business.

We are seeing instant 9% reductions in annual energy spend purely because of ‘behavioural change’ – Your employees know that all usage is being monitored, and are more likely to turn off equipment not being used.

Using instant on-line data showing where energy use is occurring has helped our clients save up to 30% off their energy bills.  

    • Cloud-based system you can access from anywhere using a lap-top
    • Identify where you are over-using energy
    • Implement smarter business practice leading to reduced utility bills
    • On-Line Real-time reporting with second-by-second data
    • Accurately forecast your energy spend and avoid estimated billing
    • Monitor gas, electricity, water usage and temperature

Challenge Us!

We are confident that we can help reduce your business costs and put more money back into your company, where it belongs