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Thousands of businesses across the UK trust us to save them money on their business expenses contact us now to see how we can reduce your bills

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We cater for all types and sizes of business and tailor the solutions to your company.

We do all the hard work to ensure your business is always well-placed to take advantage of lower market pricing.

Many of our competitors do business over the phone and we are sure you have received countless cold-calls with companies offering to help. Our UK based consultants offer a face-to-face approach which we feel is much more professional and helps us get a true understanding of how your business operates and what your best options are.

We offer a lifetime-service, regularly reviewing our client’s cost’s and immediately identifying any new savings opportunities as they arise.

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Our Services

Thousands of businesses across the UK trust us to save them money on their business expenses
1. Business Energy

Using our state-of-the-art sourcing systems we can get you the most competitive gas and electricity prices available today.

3. Business Water

From April 2017 businesses in England have been free to choose their own business water supplier. Many businesses overlook this opportunity to save money on their water costs and here is where we can help.

5. Energy Monitoring Solutions

We can install on-site monitoring at your business, giving tremendous benefits.

2. Business Telecoms & Broadband

We source the best deals available for your business and Up to £200 towards any early termination fees on your current deal.

4. Electricity Connections

Electricity connections can vary in price depending on which company you speak to. We source all quotes from the market on your behalf to ensure your business is paying competitive prices.

6. New Gas Connections

The cost of installing a new gas connection for your business can vary according to each supplier.

7. Merchant Services

The cashless society is coming. More businesses than ever now use card terminals and other forms of electronic payment services.

What Our Clients Say

We have been in the energy industry for over ten years now, and we look after thousands of businesses across the UK. Here are a few testimonials from a selection of our satisfied clients.
My husband runs a restaurant, he was continually given conflicting information from cold-callers. Once we spoke to Powercuts, we received good, honest advice. And our bills went down!
Mrs L
I just wanted to congratulate you on how you provide your services. I can see a real difference in my bills since you started helping me, and I look forward to saving money every year!
Mr L
Running a multi-site business means that procurement of energy was previously a minefield for us. Powercuts look after our requirements in a very professional manner
David D

Saving Our Clients Money since 2003

Our UK-based consultants have been saving businesses money since 2003. We search the market to bring your business the best options available for Gas, Electricity, Water, Telecoms and Merchant Services

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