Business Gas

Business Gas

The business gas market is currently extremely volatile. This is due to a number of reasons, especially the facts that the UK now imports a lot of its gas from abroad, and also because of the extraordinary weather cycles the UK is now experiencing. This has naturally lead to increases in business gas prices because of unprecedented demand, and companies now face a big challenge when it has to choose which supplier to use and for how long. It is important now more than ever to seek specialist advice when it comes to securing your business gas contracts for your company. This applies to every size of business, from the small corner shop right up to large football stadia and manufacturing companies.

Using Powercuts Uk for your business gas procurement has numerous advantages :

Specialist Team – Our gas experts have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the wholesale gas markets. They regularly monitor gas prices and quickly identify trends and price behavior. This means that we can obtain the most up-to-date gas deals available in the market place at any given time. Our market intelligence is second-to-none and will give you confidence in knowing that prices offered by us for your company will be extremely competitive.

Tender Specialists – Because of our buying-power in the gas market, this means that we can ‘bulk-purchase’ gas for our clients on the live gas markets, meaning that we obtain cutting-edge prices for you. We then tailor-make the business gas deal for your company by determining the gas contract length and renewal. This ensures that the companies gas bills are always extremely competitive.  We have access to a number of gas-plan options to ensure total freedom of choice and we offer impartial guidance on the best way forward for your company.

Bill Validation – We regularly review our clients gas bills as standard to ensure there are no erroneous costs added by the supplier. Your gas usage is constantly monitored on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so we can report back to you and you are constantly informed of your business gas usage. This helps with energy cost reduction where we can identify peak-times with machinery usage and match them to supply-demand pricing mechanisms.

Lifetime Service – The gas markets remain ever-changing, both in terms of price and supply. Powercuts Uk works with thousands of clients to ensure that the business gas arrangements in place for the company always remain the most suitable and competitive for them. In today’s unpredictable market, it is crucial that companies have quality, ongoing expert advice regarding their business gas requirements.