Business Electricity

Business Electricity

The business electricity market is constantly evolving. As you are aware, the market is currently extremely volatile, with prices changing on a daily basis. This causes a lot of confusion for businesses when looking at reviewing their energy costs.  Companies simply do not have the time or the necessary expertise to ensure that they are obtaining the most competitive rates for their company. As business electricity rates vary considerably from supplier to supplier, companies now take advantage of energy specialists, who are able to provide assistance in this complex and often time-consuming area. OFGEM, the energy regulator investigates business energy on an ongoing basis and they have previously confirmed that a company who regularly switches tariffs and suppliers is more likely to spend less than a company who stays with the same supplier year after year.

There are considerable benefits to be gained by your company when using Powercuts Uk to source your business electricity :

Specialist Team – We have a team of energy specialists who monitor the business electricity markets on an hourly basis, day in, day out. This means that we always have access to the latest deals available in the market for your company.

Hassle-free switching – If the correct decision for your company is to move supplier to obtain better rates, we handle the whole process for you. We liaise with both your current and new supplier whilst the transfer is going through, keeping you in the loop at all times. There will be no work for you to do, and there will be no disruption to your supply. The only difference you will see is cheaper business electricity bills from your new supplier.

Bill Validation – As an ongoing service to you, we regularly review your business electricity bills. This ensures that the charges on your bill are correct and no erroneous charges are applied to your account. We also check if the meter for your business is the most suitable meter to have. Meter’s vary in size according to electricity demand, and it could be that you are paying monthly service charges for the wrong type of meter. If this is the case then we will advise you of the correct meter and Kva to have for your business, ensuring you do not pay for something your company does not need.

Impartial Advice – We are not tied to one supplier. We have access to all suppliers in the market-place, from ‘the big six’ to the smaller, independent suppliers. Our advice is in your company’s best interests and not the suppliers.

You are our client, and we are acting on your behalf.

Lifetime Service – We like to build relationships with our clients and have thousands of companies whose energy requirements are managed by us. We believe that business electricity should be reviewed on a regular basis, ensuring a company is always on-track with its requirements.