About Us

About Us

We are a team of independent business energy consultants based in the West Midlands. We have been established for ten years, and during this time, we have saved money and reduced costs for thousands of businesses in the UK.

We offer a nationwide cost-saving consultancy for all your business energy and telecom requirements. Our specialists constantly scour the markets for the most cost-saving and innovative products available to business.

Our ethos is that we offer a ‘lifetime’ service to our clients. We have built up long-standing relationships with our business clients over the last ten years, and they return to us time and time again for further on-going advice. We believe that as your business evolves, so will the advice your business requires, and we take care to get to know your business, thereby being in a position to offer the most suitable, competitive advice.

We have excellent relationships with all the suppliers, from the ‘big six’ to the smaller, independent suppliers. Our reputation and standing within the industry is such that we have access to bespoke-products with many built-in benefits for our clients. These products, together with our self-imposed customer excellence charter, mean that our clients have confidence in using our services and often recommend us to their peers.

Our fundamental purpose in business is to reduce costs and increase business performance for our clients. We receive industry-set fees for our services from suppliers ,which means our clients do not pay us for using our services.